Proceedings of Important Committees




Proceedings of 26th Meeting of Research Advisory Committee (RAC) held on March 15-16, 2019

Proceedings of 27th RAC meeting, held on 08-09 July, 2020,

Proceedings of 28th RAC meeting, held on March 04-05, 2021

Proceedings of 29th RAC meeting, held on February 16-17, 2022


Proceeding of the Institute Research Council Meeting, April 22-23, 2022 and 4th & 12th May, 2022 (Special Sessions)


Proceeding of the SOC/Budget Meeting, held on 25/08/2022

Annual Workshop on AINP meeting

Proceeding of 13th Annuat Workshop of Network Project on "harvesting Processing and Value Addition of Natural Resins and Gums" held on  09-10 November, 2O21

Proceedings of the Ninth Annual review / Co-ordination Committee Meeting of Network Project on Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources (NP-CLIGR) held on 20th January 2022

On-going Projects

List of Research project for the year 2022-23